Laboratory of Translation & Natural Language Processing (EMEL)

The Laboratory of Translation & Natural Language Processing was officially founded in 2004 but already operating since 1999. It belongs to the Department of Translation studies.
The research areas of the Laboratory are the theoretical and descriptive translation studies, translation, applied linguistics and computational linguistics. The research is primarily focused on the theory and practice of translation, translation technology, the linguistic and intercultural approaches to translation, terminology and terminography, cultural mediation and automatic processing of natural languages.
The Laboratory has organized numerous national and international conferences, implemented various cooperation within the Aristotle University or outside. As an indication, the Laboratory cooperates with the research unit in Computational Physics of Aristotle University in the Pythagoras I program with the Computer Science Department of Aristotle University, the CHI (Chaos and Innovation Research Unit ), with Gaspard Monge Institute (IGM) at the University of Marne-la-Vallée, the Centre Language Processing (CENTAL) from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, with the Laboratory of Computers (LI) of the University of Tours, with the Centre for the Greek language, etc..
The Laboratory participated in a series of research programs (EURADIC / Technolangues Pythagoras I, development of a spellchecker, improvement, enhancement and creation of a corpus of texts, etc..).
The objectives of the laboratory are

0.6 Office, basement of the new wing of the Faculty of Letters. Tel. : 2310 997516 / Fax: 997 516 2310.
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