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Laboratory of Comparative Literature (ESG)

The Laboratory of Comparative Literature is not funded by the general budget of the Aristotle University. It is the only research center in Greece comparative literature. The research areas of the Laboratory are, among others, intercultural comparative literary studies, the Francophonie, cultural studies, and in particular, identity and otherness questions, history and theory of literature, studies in theater. The work of the laboratory are mainly supported by the literature section, including research activity in a relationship of complementarity with the laboratory.

More specifically, the

  • Develops various programs of European and international research
  • Cooperates with many centers of Greek and foreign research
  • Organizes international meetings and conferences,
  • Organizes annual days of Interdisciplinary Studies,
  • Displays great editorial activity that contribute on the one hand, the annual publication of the international scientific journal Inter-texts ( and, on the other, both scientific collections and intertextual Francophonie, in which are published after review by a scientific committee, work that can cover all fields of research in comparative literature.

0.5 Office, basement of the new wing of the Faculty of Letters. Tel: 2310.99.74.83 / fax: 2310.99.74.87.
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