Department of Translation studies

The Department of Translation of the School of French was established in 1993, its main object being Translation Theory and Practice; its study programme was initiated in the academic year 1997-98. The establishment of the Department of Translation was deemed essential due to the development of the science of translation on an international level, and the increasing demand for qualified translators in the Greek and European labour market.

The main educational and research objectives of the Department are the following:

At present, the Department of Translation employs 4full-time DEP (Teaching & Research Staff) members, 1 part-time DEP member, 2 Special Teaching Fellows, and 1 foreign teacher. 

Undergraduate Studies

The Department offers the following range of courses focusing on:

 which aim to develop:

Postgraduate Studies

Since 2004, the Department of Translation actively participates in and is responsible for the organization and implementation of the translation component of the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Study Programme on Translation and Interpretation of the School of Philology. Furthermore, since 2011, the Translation Department also participates in the upgraded Postgraduate Study Programme of the School of French, offering the specialization of Translation-Translation Studies. The languages supported by the programme are Greek, French and English.