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Department of Language & Didactics

The Department of Language & Didactics develops educational and research work in the fields of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, focusing on Teaching French as a Foreign Language. The aim of the Department is the theoretical and practical training of students & future teachers of French language according to modern scientific standards, and the shaping of scientists with a multicultural/multilingual consciousness and personality.

The research interests of the members of the Department focus on a range of academic areas, such as theoretical and applied linguistics, didactics of languages-cultures, methodology, sociolinguistics, semantics of lexicography and lexicology-pragmatics. The Department's research work is supported by the Laboratory of Language & Didactics (LDL), which was founded in 1990 (PD 45/31.1.1990) and aims at training the undergraduate and postgraduate students of the department in the use of technology and its applications in language, while also promoting research in the field of multilingual applications.

Moreover, members of the Department and the LDL support the research programme concerning the National Certificate of Language Proficiency (KPG) and prepare exam questions for the same certificate. In addition, the Department organizes and offers an Internship Programme to students, which is implemented through the Operational Programme "Education and Lifelong Learning" and is funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and national resources. Within the framework of the programme, students are able to work for a period of two (2) months as paid trainee teachers in selected schools. Meanwhile, the Department of Language & Didactics participates in the upgraded Graduate Programmes (M.Sc., Ph.D.) of the School of French by offering the specialization: "Language Teaching and Linguistic Communication".



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