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Erasmus Exchanges

The School of French participates in the European student and staff exchange programme LLP/ERASMUS and in various forms, such as ERASMUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, LINGUA, TEMPUS, SOCRATES etc. Since 1989, when such programmes began to take effect, the School of French at Aristotle University has received many students from a wide range of European universities and has sent out even more.
You can see next the names of faculty members involved as coordinators in the network programmes, along with the names of specific institutions that have an exchange agreement with the School of French.

The selection procedures take place in the spring semester. For more information, please contact the individual coordinator in the programme of your choice or visit
Within the framework of the European Lifelong Learning Programme/Erasmus, students of all levels (undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD candidates) can participate in the practical training mobility scheme at various Universities, Companies and Organizations abroad. It is possible for students to visit a University as part of their Erasmus Placement, even if there is no prior student exchange agreement between AUTh and the host institution.

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