Practice Program

The “AUTh Student Practice” Program is implemented within the framework of the Operational Program “Education and Lifelong Learning,” and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and national resources.

The students who participate in the Program benefit in the following ways:

  • They familiarize themselves with the work environment, and are offered the opportunity to complete tasks that are directly related to their field of study,
  • They get acquainted with market trends and the relevant skills required,
  • They are given the opportunity to demonstrate and put into practice the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their studies,
  • They become accustomed to the work environment and obtain the information they require so as to knowingly choose what is best for them both from a personal and professional perspective.
The course aims to familiarize university students with the reality of teaching foreign languages to teenagers (in public and private schools of Primary and Secondary Education), and adults (Foreign Language Schools, Adult Education Centres). This is achieved in a practical manner by attending the educational/pedagogical procedures followed in class, and through supervised teaching.  The course actually requires teaching attendance, teaching material production, and its application in a virtual or real class environment.

The Internship Programme aims to promote teaching-pedagogical and educational research. More specifically, it tries to connect the theoretical knowledge of previous semesters with practice in class, and to familiarize students with educational reality. The programme aims to connect tertiary education with the workplace and to obtain relevant feedback. More specifically, its goal is to ensure that the students:

  • have experience of an educational environment
  • are familiarized with the reality of foreign language teaching in public and/or private schools of Primary and Secondary Education, and in Foreign Language Schools
  • assimilate and apply scientific theoretical knowledge through professional practice
  • develop professionalism and skills, and are involved in educational and learning processes
  • are trained in techniques of written and oral discourse understanding and production
  • are familiarized with activities connected to teaching (e.g. teaching preparation, activity planning, student evaluation planning, cooperation with other teachers, participation in meetings etc).



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