Postgraduate Programme Profile

General Information

The School of French at AUTh is one of the two main national institutions that provide initial training to French language teachers working in schools belonging to the public and private sector, and in foreign language centres all over Greece.
Through the postgraduate study programmes focusing on specialized subjects and doctoral research which are developed by its three Departments, the School trains highly-qualified scientists who are employed by the country’s educational establishments, and by other institutes in the public and private sector.
The Postgraduate Study Programme offers the following three specializations:
•    French Literature and Interculturalism
•    Language Didactics and New Technologies in Language Communication
•    Translation Studies – Literary and Humanities Translation

Object of the programme

The object of the PSP is to promote research in the scientific fields of Literature, Language and Translation – Translation Studies, and train well-qualified specialized scientific personnel that will be able to cover existing and foreseeable social and developmental requirements.

Aims of the programme

•    The study of literature as a means of languages/cultures 'preservation.
•    Research into new teaching approaches towards foreign languages/cultures and the training of specialist scientists in the field of Linguistics.
•    Training of literary and humanities translators and the development of scientific thought and research in the fields of Translation Studies .
•    Training graduates of the Schools of Philosophy and teachers in Primary and Secondary Education in modern theories, methods and tools for teaching languages/cultures, literary texts and translation in practice.
•    Promotion and application of new technologies in language education and in research focusing on humanitarian sciences.
•    Introduction of the intercultural dimension in educational practice, associated to the principle of linguistic/cultural diversity in Europe.

Postgraduate titles

The P.S.P. offers:

1. Postgraduate Specialisation Diploma (P.S.D.) in

•    French Literature and Interculturalism
•    Language Didactics and New Technologies in Language Communication
•    Translation Studies-Literary and Humanities Translation
2. Doctoral Diploma (D.D.) in the above scientific fields.

Categories of Graduates

The Postgraduate Study Programme is open to:
1. for a P.S.D.:  graduates of all HE departments in Greece or of other equivalent foreign institutions, as well as graduates of Technological Educational Institutes, according to the criteria set by the Department’s General Assembly and the relevant provisions.
2. for a D.D.: holders of the above P.S.D. or a P.S.D. on a related subject.


The duration of studies in order to obtain a postgraduate study title, according to article 3,  is defined as being a minimum of four (4) academic semesters  or a maximum of  eight (8) for a P.S.D. When eight (8) semesters have elapsed since the registration date, students who have not obtained a P.S.D. are not allowed to continue on the P.S.P.
The duration of studies for the D.D. is defined as being a minimum of six (6) semesters after the acquisition of the P.S.D. or a maximum of twelve (12) semesters. When twelve (12) semesters have elapsed since the registration date, students who have not submitted their thesis, approved by the 3-member Advisory Committee, to the Secretariat of the School of French, are not allowed to continue on the P.S.P. A deferment of studies can be granted for substantial reasons that will be evaluated by the School’s General Assembly.



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