Meeting on Corpora

Symposium: Corpus-Based Translation Studies with emphasis on parallel literary corpora

Electronic corpora are structured collections of texts in electronic format, which can be processed with the use of language technology tools. Forming the basis of Corpus Linguistics, which has been developing since the 1980s, electronic corpora nowadays hold a key position in modern translation studies and translators’ education, opening new ways to the study of translation as an intercultural phenomenon and process. They also constitute the basis of new trends in literary studies and the core in digital literary studies, with various macro- and micro-applications. The use of corpora in translation and literary studies can lead to significant comparative studies, with either an intercultural or a case-study orientation, about particulars and universals of languages and cultures, through the study of differences between originals and translations, as well as of the particularity of translated language in a given period (translationese) within a specific field (in this case, literature). Meanwhile, it can provide invaluable material for the study of the history of translation and literature (a complete history of literature is impossible without studying translations), the sociology of translation and literature, with special emphasis on Bourdieu’s concept of the field and its agents, as well as the changes occurring in it in the course of time, stylistics and perception.

The symposium on Corpus-Based Translation Studies will address some of these questions of either theoretical or practical significance, in its attempt

  1. to foreground the increasingly cross-disciplinary character of corpora use,

  2. to address particular problems concerning the compilation of parallel corpora including peripheral languages such as Modern Greek, and especially literary parallel corpora

  3. to address issues concerning the use of corpora in translation teaching and learning.

It is organised by the School of French at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with the generous support of the University’s Research Committee.

Symposium  Corpus-Based Translat


Corpus-Based Translation Studies with emphasis on parallel literary corpora

17 January 2014

School of French
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Titika Dimitroulia


AUTH Research Comitee

Laboratory of Translation and Speech Processing (EMEL)
School of French


Meeting on Corpora