Dep. of Litterature

16th Century French Literature

Office: 103, Old Building, Faculty of Philosophy
Telephone: 2310-997515

Maria Litsardaki is a Professor in the School of French Language and Literature, where she holds courses on French poetry for undergraduate students and a postgraduate course on Literary Theory.

She is the author of the PHD thesis “Symboles et archétypes dans Les Amours de Ronsard” (1992), published in 1993. She has participated in several conferences in Greece and France, collaborated to collective works and published papers on French Literature, French and Greek poetry in European literary journals (Oeuvres & Critiques, Bulletin de la Société des Amis de Montaigne, Thélème, Quêtes Littéraires), as well as in Greek ones (Themata logotechnias, Diavazo, Syn-Thèses, Diodos).

She has written the books “Poetry and Philosophy. From the ‘old conflict’ to the modern ‘lyrosophy’(Thessaloniki, Romi, 2019) and “‘Desguisant et difformant à nouveau service’ : Itinéraires intertextuels de Montaigne à Molière” (Thessaloniki, University Studio Press, 2005) as well as published Greek translations of the Montaigne Essays “On glory” and “On vanity” (Athens, Papazissis, 2012). She has edited the collective works: “Les Mots en spectacle” (Éditions Classiques Garnier, 2016 - in collaboration with M. Makropoulou et K. Exarhou) and “Roman et Théâtre. Une rencontre intergénérique dans la littérature française” (Paris, Éditions Classiques Garnier, 2010 - in collaboration with Aphroditi Sivetidou). She is also the co-editor of the Greek journal “Theuth, the facets of writing” on literature and literary criticism, published in Thessaloniki.

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