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JOURNAL "Inter-textes"
(website in greek)

"Inter-textes" is a free access online academic journal of comparative literature, published twice a year by the Laboratory of Comparative Literature. The journal includes the proceedings of interdisciplinary workshops held by the Laboratory and various articles on comparative literature.

Some possible topics are:
- Literary theory, history and criticism
- Translation and the reception of literature
- Interference between French-language and Modern Greek literatures
- Literary myths: theory and criticism
- The relationship between literature and fine arts
- Bibliographies.

The journal welcomes submissions in Greek, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. 

(website in greek)

"Syn-thèses" (ISSN 1791-6747) is the annual refereed academic journal of the Department, published since 2013 online. The journal includes peer reviewed, original and unpublished articles concerning literature, language and didactics and translation.

The journal accepts and publishes articles in Greek, French and English.

Full-text access

Νέο ΔΠΜΣ Τμήματος - Γλώσσες και Διοίκηση

Ίδρυση Δ.ΠΜ.Σ. «Γλώσσες, Επικοινωνία και Διοίκηση Υπηρεσιών Εκπαίδευσης στο σύγχρονο κοινωνικό, οικονομικό και τεχνολογικό περιβάλλον»

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Νέο ΔΠΜΣ Τμήματος - Σημειωτική

Ίδρυση Δ.ΠΜ.Σ. με τίτλο «Σημειωτική, Πολιτισμός και Επικοινωνία».

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Méthodologie de l’apprentissage des langues
Vers l’excellence pédagogique, didactique et linguistique

Thessaloniki, Grèce
2-5 septembre 2018

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